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So glad you asked.

We use only reclaimed wood salvaged from mid-east coast structures that have been removed from the site. All of the wood is planed, stained, and sealed in our shop to reveal the smoothest, freshest wood grain. We hate waste! Aren't you happy to know that your shelf was once part of an old house somewhere along the east coast?

At the moment, we are almost exclusively an online shop.

BUT! We have two locations that carry our pour over coffee makers. They are Atwater's, Canton and OneDoCoffee, which are both in Baltimore, MD.

We do not accept returns or cancellations after an order has been made and ready for shipment. If your order is damaged we will ship you a new piece or new product depending on the type of damage at no extra charge. We allow exchanges with a minimal restocking fee. We’re here to help solve any issue you have; send us an email to anna@ironandsprout.com to get in touch!

We're not asking you to keep anything you don't want. 

Rest assured, all of our products are incredibly easy and fast to setup. With fun instructional manuals designed specifically for each product, you really can't go wrong. However, if you come up against a wall just send us an email or give us a ring and we would love to walk you through it.

Pour Over stuff

Hey there, not to worry.

We sell all pour over glass accessories in our shop under "Accessories". Head over to that page and you'll be good to go for the next round of clean caffeine.

Actually, it's waterproof. AKA indestructible.

Do what you would normally do with a sponge and dish soap and gently sponge the base clean. If you can't get to cleaning it right after making a cup or if it drips all over the place, don't worry. No rush, it's a tough little guy and completely stain proof. BUT, just don't put it in the dishwasher. I think we'd all be horrified to see what would happen to it in a few rounds of super hot water and industrial soap.

It's huge. Where to begin...

Flavor: Not only is a beverage crafted by hand unbelievably rewarding, it tastes delicious. If you're using basic pour over techniques (in our instruction manual), freshly ground coffee, and the right grind size, you can't go wrong with superior flavor.

Temperature: Most automatic drip brewers don't use the ideal water temperature for coffee brewing; the ones that do reach it aren't able to remain hot. So what you're getting is half-burned half-unused grinds in that Mr. Coffee cup.

Control and Consistency: With pour over, you control the temperature with either a kettle that includes a thermometer or simply using boiling water. Drip pots on the other hand, mainly follow a few pre-programmed actions and while some have customizable settings, it that doesn't magically mean it will yield better flavor or teach you anything. At best, it's a false comfort to make you feel like you're in control.

Here are a few of pour over tips that do put you in control:

• If you want to add some time to the brew, simply pour a bit slower or use a longer bloom stage.

• If you want to extract less than the last time you brewed, simply use less water.

• If you want to use a slightly lower temperature than last time, let the kettle cool for a minute or two longer.

Durability: Most drip brewers aren't built to last. Most are made with plastic parts that break easily and wires that spark fires. Many drip brewers ship with the ability to burn down houses. Yikes, right? Who'd a thunk it.

Cleanliness: Ahh, the mold. Automatic drip brewers grow mold, and lots of it in the plastic crevices you can't reach. Unless you blast the entire machine with scalding water after every use, the thing is going to get moldy.

(This may sound like we're biased towards pour over coffee and trying to convince you to get on the wagon. It’s because we are. You'll truly never look back if you do.)

You've got a fun instructional manual waiting in the box for you. It tells you everything.

But if that isn't cutting it, just shoot us an email with a question about pour over coffee. We're experts here and would love to share our clean-brew knowledge with you in more depth. Whether it's a question about kettles or coffee grind, we'll get back to you on it.


'Twasn't easy.

Almost three years ago in 2016, Jon and I were racking our brains every day for the perfect name. During the day, we scribbled potential names and at night, we fell asleep swapping words and ideas. After hundreds of bad ideas ranging from something that included "aorta" (thank gosh we didn't keep that one), we blurted "Iron and Sprout" one night, right before going to sleep. To this day I still can't figure out why it's so perfect. Any great pair includes two opposites to make it a fulfilled whole. 'Iron' is a good contradiction to 'sprout'. Our products are crafted with functionality, minimalism, and fun in mind but each one is original because it is handmade. 

Lots and lots of drawings are made. 

We sketch many versions of a product concept and then we build them. Everything is tested through daily usage so we can fine tune and perfect the designs. Our goal is to craft the most efficient, multifunctional, and interactive products we can to maximize your productivity and comfort within your home. We hope we can make you happy!

orders and shipping

Gifts are never as fun to get when they're late, we get it.

When you check out, there is a wide range of shipping options. We do everything we can to personally see your order to its owner at the right time. While checking out, send us an additional message to give us a heads up.

We're a new company, but we've had nothing but stellar reviews across the board so far.

Due to the fact that everything is carefully handmade to order, we unfortunately cannot accept returns at this time. We do accept exchanges if it's not looking great in your space or if you decide it just isn't for you, we'll be happy to accept an exchange within 2 weeks of purchasing for a replacement product or put the funds toward something else. Just contact our support by email and you'll hear from us soon.

product care

Yippee! Every item in our shop has been waterproofed for your convenience. 

So yes, you are able to wash everything. All of our wood is treated with several coats of plastic based sealant so you can wash it like you would any other item: with a soapy sponge and warm water. You don't need to use coasters or any type of protectants while using your new product. We ensured that water rings or stains of any kind will simply never happen.

The metal is also waterproofed but you should avoid saturating the steel pipes. If they become wet, simply pat them dry. We recommend using these products in places with low humidity, as water vapor causes warping and rusting. Don't get scared now, even in a humid environment it will take a very long time before you see any visible reactions.