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September 09, 2018 5 min read

Have you been wondering why industrial pipe furniture is all the rage?

Industrial Pipe Shelf - DIY Pipe Furniture KitRustic Coat Rack - Industrial Coat Rack - Industrial Style DecorPour Over Coffee - Pour Over Coffee Maker - Hario Coffee Maker


Deep down, all of us want to be offered more than what we expected, bargained for, or are used to getting.

We want to feel like we can still make things, use our hands, and feel that builder's rush of DIY accomplishment.


Sure, buying ready to set up furniture is great too - but isn't it fun to assemble something?

Not to mention, pipe furniture is the single most versatile home decor style there is.

Whether you live in a tiny place, a 'blah' space, or a huge home, an industrial iron pipe shelf, coat rack, or other pipe furniture item will liven up any interior. How, you ask? Let's dive in:



Gray tones modernize a space. Ever wonder why you always see white and gray color schemes in the most elite interior design magazines? It's not just because it's tasteful, but it reduces the appearance of clutter and promotes calm.

If you're lacking the charcoal colored walls, cement accents, or gray wood flooring, a pipe shelf is an amazing alternative. Additionally, wood adds warmth to a home. The wooden planks on the pipe shelf are neutral in color and subtly contrast the modernity of steel pipes, which makes for a super satisfying pair. 



Usually, pipe home decor and furniture are constructed in dynamic, asymmetrical designs. If you're not a gallery goer and have thousands of bucks worth of art and sculpture around, an iron pipe shelf can be an incredible stand in. It activates the wall and draws attention to it, serving as the room's centerpiece. Speaking of centerpiece, your knick knacks will look twice as hot on your new shelf.

Industrial Pipe Shelving - how to make pipe furniture



Pipes are threaded, which means they screw together, which ALSO means that they are adjustable. Adjustable furniture = customizable furniture. Usually, pipe shelving is hung on steel flanges with four screws to a flange but while some may say you need anchors to hang a shelf, these types of shelves don't require them. Four 2" screw to a point of contact is almost always enough to hold a shelf up! That is unless you'll be sitting on it... So basically, you can hang these anywhere.


Personally, I was drawn to the pipe furniture, shelving, coffee makers, etc. because I could design and build it myself.

 But more importantly, the uniqueness of the look made me feel like my apartment was, for the first time, incredible. 


The mission of my brand, Iron & Sprout, is to redefine we way we interact with and use everyday household furniture items, including coffee makers, shelves, and coat racks. For me, pipe furniture was the perfect answer.

But when you think about that list of items above, there's something about them that have always been deemed, well, rather unsexy. Yet, I know they absolutely don't have to be.

These home decor items have a bad rap because they're not aesthetically designed or made to improve daily organization and productivity. In other words, these items aren't usually helpful, easy on the eyes, or fun to use.


So, what can fix the problem with basic, boring home decor and furniture?


I have just two words for you: 



I think that you should have a hand in what you own and your belongings should feel like a part of your day. After all, you'll be seeing and using them all the time.

Let me relate your adult furniture to childhood toys.

When we grow up, we're obviously not children anymore. But isn't a new car a toy? High quality, well-designed objects are a huge part of our material culture and it's something we shouldn't forget. Sensory details have a HUGE impact on how we feel.

And no, I'm not saying that toys are going to bring you happiness...

but a shelf that is designed specifically for your custom function, space, and aesthetic taste can help dictate how comfortable you are in your home. Imagine that everything around you is designed for your convenience, productivity, and above all, enjoyment; those things are even made so you can alter or add to them.

Wouldn't that make you INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE? (It sure makes me comfortable.) We all want something that's different, new, and somewhat unfamiliar. When you own something in your home with these qualities, a visitor will come over and ask you about it. They'll ask things like:


Where did you get it?

What does that do?

How was it even made?

I've never seen anything like that... and it looks like fun.


Here's an example of one of those conversation-starting items:

a new coat rack.

What are the features of this ultimate coat rack?


PERK 1: 

You can actually write on it. It has an integrated blackboard panel on the front that blends in with the rest of it, so it doesn't stand out awkwardly.

 Oh, and the chalk is embedded in the wood, hidden behind the board. It's a secret feature - like a cell phone antenna that you can magically pull out from the rest of the phone.

Forget the clutter of endless post-its that get lost, fall off, or you simply ignore.


The hooks are rubberized and coated in a clear, durable silicone that hang coats with a stronger hold. But do you know this immediately upon glancing at it? Of course not, that's the magic of it.


Oh, and don't forget the neodymium magnet that lies embedded in the back of the coat rack to invisibly hold your keys. That's right, it's a magnetic coat rack as well.


Keep your mail in the ample storage unit cubby at the top of the coat rack. Yes, I seriously understand how easy it is to leave the mail on the floor or on a table and what an awful look that is.


There's a red, steel gear hook on the left that can hold all the heavy stuff. Rain-soaked, 50 lb sherpa coat? Yup, just put it on the hook. Oh, that reminds me! All of the wood is waterproofed.


That was my example of the ultimate coat rack. 

So, what are some undoubted pros of multifunctional furniture?

 Multifunctional modern industrial furniture that is locally made

• Saves Time

• Saves Space

• Promotes Organization

• Enhances Productivity

• Interactive, Enjoyable Functionality



This isn't too shabby a list, as these are all meaningful aspects of our days. I personally need any help I can get when it comes to organization and productivity. There never seems to be enough time in the day and it's always difficult to stick to the plans.

Now that we've picked apart multifunctional pipe furniture, shelves, and decor, I hope you decide to try it out. Whether you build something yourself or look into a shelf from Iron & Sprout, I'm SO happy you're taking an interest. 

Controlling the details of your furniture will enhance your relationship with your place, even if it's your coat rack or your pour over coffee maker. Experiencing the familiar in new, better ways is something we all want. So do everyday differently, you'll love it. 

Anna Hodges

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