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September 06, 2018 3 min read

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Well, that's actually not true.

I definitely didn't sneak into a furniture showroom and set up shop...
Basically, I just converted my apartment into one.
Prepare yourself for a brief autobiography; I want to introduce myself properly.
Hi! My name is Anna and I design and build all the furniture in my Baltimore, MD apartment.
I had to quit jobs and school to do it, which sounds insane (and it is) but it's what I wanted to do. Designing furniture and learning how to build was all I could think about and the best possible way I could spend my time.
After filling my apartment with furniture, many people were intrigued by the decor and wanted to buy what I had made. I decided to start a company, Iron and Sprout, an industrial home decor/furniture brand.
Up until then, I was working on getting my third degree for art and design but had reached a point where everything I had been working towards wasn't quite right.
It didn't feel like Iwanted it enough; it wasn't feeling as fulfilling as it used to be. I didn't feel like I was helping anyone. Desires and goals change, of course. Yet, there's a moment where every phase on the timeline of your life suddenly makes chronological sense, even though none of it was planned. All the crying, confusion, and seemingly "wasted time" over the years no longer feels like a waste. It was all necessary. Well, that's where I am. It's beautiful... and terrifying.
Here is a fun recap of my thoroughly right-brain dominant life, just because :)

1. (Age 2-6)  CLAY ENTHUSIAST: I sculpted clay alien dolls who I named and created intricate lives for.

2. (Age 4-13)  DRAWING IS THE BEST: Couldn't stop with the pencils and crayons...
3. (Age 5-11)  MUSIC: I practiced all day every day playing Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann, and Mozart until I realized I stunk at composing. I couldn't settle for just playing the classics for the rest of my life.
4. (Age 5-12)  DOLLS, DOLLHOUSES, AND FURNITURE, OH MY: I had doll and dollhouse collections, and hundreds of little mini furniture items to constantly rearrange in those houses. I built apartment-like complexes for them and arranged the little rooms for 8 hours a day. Interior design, here I come.
5. (Age 13-23)  PAINTING, AND MORE PAINTING: My parents are painters, so naturally this happened. Until recently, I spent most of my time oil painting. What they say is true, it takes a certain type of soul to stick with fine art and at the end of the day, I couldn't justify how I was contributing to anyone but myself. Yes, I love it and always will but it's too lonely a profession for me.
6. (Now)  FURNITURE DESIGN, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, AND BUILDING: Currently, I've found my ultimate passion. It's Iron and Sprout, a furniture brand I started in 2016. Everything comes together.
Pardon me if you feel like you're reading my diary, but doesn't everyone want to read someone else's diary? That's the best kind of literature. The real, honest stuff = the best kind of stuff.
I'm not going to tell you what type of furniture will look best in your place, because that's for you to decide. I don't know where you live or what makes you feel most comfortable, what your favorite shapes are, or if you prefer metal over wood. All I can do is share the products that have helped me and others feel incredibly more comfortable in the place/s we call home. 
Now, here's a tentative itinerary for the areas I'd love to cover in this blog over time. I hope you enjoy!
•  Apartment living
•  Furniture design 
•  DIY life
•  Modern Living on a Budget
Stay tuned, this should be fun <3
Anna Hodges

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Mark Patrick
Mark Patrick

January 15, 2023

Order #1194. Placed on 10/17/22. Paid for. Never received. Sent 4 e-mails without response. Your contact phone number is non-operational. You have no known business address.
Any advice, Anna?

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