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July 04, 2019 6 min read

6 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Outdated House


You’re reading this because your place feels gross to you in one way or another.

But hey, you’re not alone.

I’m writing this because I feel the exact same way - I constantly want to update my house to make it feel better.

Sometimes, things just get old. Your taste changes.

Or your furniture doesn’t fit the new 80” TV you need to install.

Changing things up is healthy, like anything in life.

Try new things to break up the routine because whether you can feel it or not, you’re changing every single day.

The good news is that it’s summer and there will be many too-hot-to-handle days where you just want to stay in and hide from the sweltering heat.

So, for those of you who need to keep busy this is a great time to give the place a facelift.

I know you’re constantly seeing #homedecorideas on Instagram that feel WAYYY out of your league.

“Down the road” home goals, I call them. But I got tired of waiting until I had enough money to afford $1000 pieces of furniture on a whim.


This is your life NOW, and your funds shouldn’t dictate what you’re capable of having.


Well, it definitely will to an extent - but not when it comes to your home decor.

Here are some simple and cheap ways to refresh your apartment, house, condo, or whatever type of dwelling you’ve set up shop in.




I know I know… where to start, right?


home decor ideas

I’ll list some things that could maybe uses some upgrades and changes:

  • Accent Rug - usually, these guys get dingy over the years or the pattern just doesn’t match the new wall color or bedding anymore. So, shop around for a new one!
  • Bedding - Patterns are usually the fastest things to get old. You grow tired of looking at the sad paisley patterns that are lightly stained with late-night snacks over years. Yup, it’s time to feel clean again and get a new one.
  • Accent Pillows - This truthfully will work magic on a room. Plus, you’ll have a ball picking them out. #couchtoys
  • Plants - This is your chance to bring some green inside, which is what most of us crave. Sometimes living in the city can be overwhelming for nature lovers… it sure is for me. I have 18 plants total in my living room alone. Floor plants, windowsill plants, hanging plants, terrarium plants, oh my! Get creative and start looking around the room, the corners, the ceiling space, and side tables to activate with plants.




There’s a huge opportunity here - a massive gamut of things to replace.

kitchen decor ideas

From cabinet knobs, dresser handles, kitchen faucets, a staircase railing, a knife block, or a wall shelf, there are a gazillion things for you to scrutinize in your place.

You’ll be surprised at how much a coffee maker or a shelf can completely change a room.

And after you replace it, it will be the one object in the room you’ll keep returning to and happily gazing at it.


You know what I’m talking about.


Here’s the thing with replacing items - you probably can’t afford to do this all the time or whenever you have an itch to do so.

So, replace your old, tired things with unique items you’ll want to have around for a long time.




Make something unexpected in your space. Go bold or go home.

wall painting ideas


Repaint all the walls or just one. From hand-painted polka dots to neon pink, you’ve got options.

Take half an hour to go to Home Depot and pick out a color to match the mood you want in your room.

Walls that are very dark tend to feel smaller, like a black hole in the room.

It’s better to pick a middle tone or something even lighter, especially if it’s a small space.

The bigger the room the more you’ll be likely to get away with a deep navy or burgundy wall.

Otherwise, it may close in on you.


living room wall color ideas


Ah, the light sources of any room are super duper important.


window frame ideas

The window framing, the curtains, the panels, etc. matter when considering a room’s decor. And granted, you obviously don't have to replace the windows just to get a fresh feeling.

The frame and curtains however are definitely good options to switch up.

With a few basic power tools or even with the help of a Lowes or Home Depot associate, you can custom-cut lamber framing to make new window frames.


Don’t worry, not all lumber is through-the-roof expensive.


While hardwoods like walnut, oak, or cherry will look amazing anywhere, they also cost about $10 per foot. Ouch!

Pine will definitely do in this case. It takes wood stain very well so you can make it look like any of those hardwoods.

So, customizing the color of your window frames will do wonders for a room.

Additionally, let’s talk about curtains.

If you have a pattern on the wall, chances are you SHOULD NOT get patterned curtains.

Patterns on patterns will make you dizzy with claustrophobia and add visual clutter to the room.


So, that’s a DON’T.


Remember that white and black colored fabrics show dust the second it lands.

Middle tones are best for curtains so you’re not dusting till the cows come home every single weekend.

Middle toned curtains also work well because they blend in better to the walls and other home decor accents.




A throw blanket can seriously renovate your couch.


Plus, it isn’t nearly as expensive as a new couch.

This is your chance to pick accent colored pillows that will enhance the room.

Like I said before, if you’ve already got patterns everywhere, then buy solid colored pillows or throws.

A ladder organizer for throw blankets will activate a bland wall that needs some love.

If you’re not into wall art, tons of wall shelving, or even mirrors, then this can compensate for that.

The goal here is to add a complimenting color or texture to the room’s vibe, so keep in mind how it will work with everything else.

Just because you like a color or pattern doesn’t mean it will work well in the space!



#6: DIY STRUCTURES YOU CAN BUILD YOURSELF (for the builders out there)

Ever wanted exposed beams or exposed brick? Yep, we all crave that look.


Here’s a crazy thought for you: YOU CAN ADD YOUR OWN!

What are exposed beams other than crucial support elements needed to keep a roof over your head?

They’re just pieces of wood.

If you own a drill or can borrow one, buy some screws, and purchase some cheap lumber from Home Depot or my personal favorite store, Second Chance located in Baltimore, MD, then you can set up some exposed beams all by yourself.

Granted, you’ll need a ladder too. Doesn’t this sound like a fun Sunday project?!?


Here are some more ideas for you builders out there who want to spice up your pad yourself:



  • Floating Shelves - Yep, these are a mystery for some folks. Let me de-mystify them: they are simple boards of wood that hang on your wall and there are lots of options for hanging them. Buy clear acrylic L-brackets on Amazon to screw onto the wooden boards or mounting hardware. Find any lumber store (again, Home Depot, Lowes or Second Chance!) and pick out your personal favorites. This is my favorite DIY floating shelf video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wki3wMAbtLg



  • Picture frames - These are incredibly easy to make. All you actually need are wooden boards (in the size, thickness, etc. of your choosing), plexiglass sheet, a matte, matte knife, mounting hardware, and backing tabs to keep the plexiglass secure. All of this can be found at a hardware store. Here’s a great DIY video to get you going: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSU5darREwc
















Anna Hodges

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